Hanna's Ascent A Story of Trauma, Transformation, and Triumph.


Welcome to my writing room

My first novel, Hanna's Ascent, has now been published! You can find it (with several purchasing options) at Bedazzled Ink (www.bedazzledink.com). Now begins the work of getting the word out (instead of getting the word on the page...). The climbing metaphor, such a powerful leitmotiv in the novel, applies to many aspects of life, and this is the next peak. It is my hope that it can be of real value in the current political turbulence, besides being simply an uplifting story that appeals to the heart across times and places.

A little about me: I grew up in southwest Colorado, on a ranch where our nearest neighbors were an elderly couple three miles away; after 22 miles of often impassible dirt road came an actual town of 500 people. Mail came twice a week. Electricity came when I was ten.

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