On gender identity

Transgender individuals “are” the gender they identify as: a trans woman is and always has been a trans woman, and hence a woman, whether she was aware of it or not. (And mutatis mutandi for trans men). This should have been understood since the publication of “The Transsexual Phenomenon” by Dr. Harry Benjamin in 1966. …

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The story

Jacket synopsis: After a close brush with suicide John Shelby returns to the University of Colorado in 1970, determined to be Hanna. She knows her life depends on passing; too many people think of transsexuals as despicable perverts. Despite her fears, things go smoothly. She enjoys her classes, finds friends, and revels in feeling feminine. …

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An Introduction to My Writing Blog

This section will be used for my thoughts about creative writing as a craft: what I like and don’t like; my purpose and goals in writing; what I think I’ve learned. I’ll keep it succinct, but I have already found that there are philosophies of writing, and they are not all the same!

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